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Whether one sheet for prototypes or large volumes of slitted coils or coils for a series requirement, we at ESB can support your project regionally and worldwide. Just get in touch with us!

Hot rolled steel

e.g. S420MC, S500MC, S700MC

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Hot-dip galvanized microalloyed steel

e.g. HX180YD, HX340LAD and HX420LAD

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Hot-dip galvanized multiphase steel

e.g. HCT590X, HCT780X and HCT980X

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Elektrolytically zinc coated cold rolled steel

e.g. DC04+ZE, DC06+ZE and HC340LA+ZE

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Mild VDA steels

e.g. CR1, CR2, CR3, CR4, CR5, HR0 and HR1

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High Strength VDA steels

e.g. CR300LA, CR340LA and CR380LA

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High Strength IF/BH VDA steels

e.g. CR180IF, CR210IF, CR180BH and CR210BH

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Dual Phase and Multiphase VDA steels

e.g. CR330Y590T-DP and CR440Y780T-DP

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