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Cold rolled steel

Quality Guide Download: Cold rolled

With this download you will find our ESB Quality Guide (data sheet) for cold rolled steels.

QualityTesting directionMaterial-No.Yield point Rp0,2 (MPa)Tensile strength Rm (MPA)Elongation A80 (in %) min.r-Value 90° min.n-Value 90° min.Old Description
DC01Q1.0330≤280270 - 41028St 12-03
DC03Q1.0347≤240270 - 370341,30St 13-03
DC04Q1.0338≤210270 - 350381,600,18St 14-03
DC05Q1.0312≤180270 - 330401,900,20St 15-03
DC06Q1.0873≤170270 - 330412,100,22
DC07Q1.0898≤150250 - 310442,500,23
QualityTesting directionMaterial-No.Yield point Rp0,2 (MPa)Tensile strength Rm (MPA)Elongation A80 (in %) min.r-Value 90° min.n-Value 90° min.
DC01EKQ1.0390≤270270 - 39030
DC04EKQ1.0392≤220270 - 35036
DC05EKQ1.0386≤220270 - 350361,50
DC06EKQ1.0869≤190270 - 350381,60
DC03EDQ1.0399≤240270 - 37034
DC04EDQ1.0394≤210270 - 35038
DC06EDQ1.0872≤190270 - 350381,60
QualityTesting directionMaterial-No.Yield point Rp0,2 (MPa)Tensile strengthRm (MPA)Elongation A80 (in %) min.DIN 1623 T2 (old)
S215GQ1.0116G≥215360 - 51020St 37-3G
S245GQ1.0144G≥245430 - 58018St 44-3G
S325GQ1.0570G≥325510 - 68016St 52-3G

Cold rolled steel according DIN EN 10130, 10209 and DIN 1623

Cold rolled steel is also part of our product portfolio. Cold rolled steel is excellent for cold forming. This product group assigned the grades DC01 to DC07, DC01EK to DC06EK, DC03ED to DC06ED and S215G to S325G. The grades are classified according to the maximum permissible yield strength and can be subdivided as follows. DC01 – This grade can be used for simple forming work, for example Bending, embossing, beading and pulling are used. DC03 – This grade is suitable for forming requirements such as Deep drawing and difficult profiles suitable. DC04 – This quality is suitable for high deformation requirements. DC05 – This thermoforming grade is suitable for higher forming requirements. DC06 – This special deep drawing quality is suitable for the highest deformation requirements. DC07 – This super deep drawing quality is suitable for extreme deformation requirements.

Enamelled grades

The steel grades DC01EK, DC04EK and DC06EK are suitable for conventional single-layer or double-layer enamelling. The steel grades DC06ED, DE04ED and DC06ED are suitable for direct enamelling as well as for enamelling according to the two-layer / one-firing method and for special applications of two-layer enamelling for low-distortion enamelling.

Surface type

Surface A

Mistakes such as pores, small grooves, small warts, slight scratches and a slight discoloration that does not affect the ability to reshape and adhere to surface coatings are permitted.

Surface B

The better side must be free from defects so that the homogeneous appearance of a quality finish or an electrolytically applied coating is not impaired. The other side must at least meet the requirements of surface type A.

Surface finish

The surface finish may be particularly smooth, dull or rough. If no details are given when ordering, the surface finish will be delivered in a matt finish. The four surface finishes listed correspond to the center roughness values ​​in the following table and must be tested in accordance with EN 10049.

Surface finishcharacteristicAverage surface finish
(boundary value: 0,8mm)
Special flatbRa ≤ 0,4 µm
flatgRa ≤ 0,9 µm
Mattm0,60 µm ˂ Ra ≤ 1,9 µm
roughrRa ≤ 1,6 µm

First details with the mechanical values of cold rolled steels can be found in the table above. In addition, you can download the complete excerpt of our Quality Guide (QG) with the mechanical and chemical values for the above mentioned grades via the previous link. We can supply the described steel grades as coil, slitted coils, sheets and cutted pieces.

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