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Hot rolled microalloyed steel

Quality Guide Download: Hot rolled microalloyed steel

With this download you will find our ESB Quality Guide (data sheet) for hot-rolled steels.

QualityDescription acc. SEW 092Testing directionMaterial-No.Yield point Rp0,2 (MPa)
Tensile strength Rm (MPA)Elongation A80 (in %) min.

˂ 3 mm
Elongation A5 (in %) min.

˃ 3 mm
S315MCQStE340TML1.0972315390 - 5102024
S355MCQStE380TML1.0976355430 - 5501923
S420MCQStE460TML1.0980420480 - 6201619
S460MCQStE500TML1.0982460520 - 6701417
S500MCQStE550TML1.0984500550 - 7001214
S550MCQStE600TML1.0986550600 - 7601214
S600MCQStE650TML1.8969600650 - 8201113
S650MCQStE690TML1.8976650700 - 8801012
S700MCQStE740TML1.8974700750 - 9501012
S900MCL1.8798900930 - 120078
S960MCL1.8799960980 - 125067

Hot rolled microalloyed steel DIN EN 10149-2

Hot rolled microalloyed steel belongs to our product portfolio. This also includes hot-rolled microalloyed steel according to DIN EN 10149-2. Among them, the grades S315MC to S960MC are classified. Hot rolled microalloyed steels are low alloy and high strength. They offer the highest strength with exceptional formability. The steels of the MC series are used for cold formed components of various constructions. Above all, these grades are used to produce the following parts.

  • sidemembers
  • frame constructions
  • cold pressed parts
  • cold forming
  • construction tubes
  • industrial silos

In addition, the MC steel finds application in components for car seats or towing hooks. Usually, hot rolled steel is supplied with a pickled and oiled surface. In this case, both sides receive a protective layer of oil that is chemically neutral, non-drying and free of foreign bodies. The oil layer can be removed with alkaline solutions or other usual solvents. Alternatively, hot rolled steel can also be supplied in the rolling condition, that is, the surface has a thin adherent scale layer of different color. Pores, slight scars, slight marks, slight scratches, discoloration and kinks from uncoiling are permitted. However, the surface finish must be free of overlaps, blisters, shells, cracks and scratches as these may affect the usability. Details about the mechanical values can be found in the previous table. In addition, you can download the complete excerpt from our Quality Guide (QG) to the hot-rolled microalloyed steel via the link above. We can supply the steel grades described as coil, slitted coils, sheets and cutted pieces.

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