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Hot rolled multiphase steel

Quality Guide Download: Hot rolled multiphase steel

With this download you will find our ESB Quality Guide (data sheet) for hot rolled multiphase steel.

QualityMaterial-No.Testing directionYield point Rp0,2 (MPa)

BH2Tensile strength Rm (MPA)Elongation A80 (in %)n-Wert
HDT450F1.0961L300-42030min. 45024-
HDT580F1.0994L460-62030min. 58015-
HDT580X1.0936L330-45030min. 580190,13
HDT780C1.0998L660-83030min. 76010-
HDT1180G11.0965L900-120030min. 11804-

Hot rolled multiphase steel acc. DIN EN 10338

Hot rolled multiphase steel one one more product of our portfolio. To this product group belongs the ferritic-bainitic, dual-phase, complex-phase and martensitic steel.

Ferritic-bainitic steel “F”
Are steels that contain bainite or solidified bainite in a matrix of ferrite and / or solidified ferrite.

DP steel “X”
The dual-phase steel has a structure of ferritic matrix in which a predominantly martensitic second phase is embedded island-shaped.

Trip steel “T”
Transformation induced plasticity is abbreviated to TRIP and translates as “plasticity brought about by structural transformation”. In German-speaking countries, these are also called RA steel, which in turn stands for retained austenite. The steel structure has a predominantly ferritic matrix in which retained austenite is embedded.

CP steel “C”
Complex-phase-steel is abbreviated CP. The steel contains martensite and / or bainite in a basic structure of ferrite and / or solidified ferrite.

Delivery condition
Hot rolled steel can be supplied with two different surface qualities; the first one has a thin adhesive scale layer with different coloration. Usually it gets with the second quality supplied and that is with a descaled or pickled and oiled surface. In this case, both sides receive a protective layer of oil that is chemically neutral, non-drying, and free of foreign bodies. The oil layer can be removed with alkaline solutions or other common solvents. The surface finish shall be free of overlaps, blisters, shells, cracks and scratches that may affect the usability. Pores, slight scars, slight marks, slight scratches, discoloration and wrinkles from unwinding are permitted.

First details can be found in the table above. In addition, you can download the complete excerpt from our Quality Guides (QG) for hot-rolled multiphase steel via the link.

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