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Hot rolled steel

Quality Guide Download: Hot rolled steel

With this download you will find our ESB Quality Guide (data sheet) for hot-rolled steels.

QualityTesting directionMaterial-No.Yield point ReL (MPa)

1 ≤ 1,5 mm
Yield point ReL (MPa)

2 ≤ 11 mm
Tensile strength Rm (MPa)Elongation A80 (in %)

1 ‹ 1,5 mm
Elongation A80 (in %)

1,5 ≤ 2 mm
Elongation A80 (in %)

2 ≤ 3 mm
Elongation A5 (in %)

3 ≤ 11 mm
old description
DD11Q1.0332170 - 360170 - 340≤44022232428StW 22
DD12Q1.0398170 - 340170 - 320≤42024252630StW 23
DD13Q1.0335170 - 330170 - 310≤40027282933StW 24
DD14Q1.0389170 - 310170 - 290≤38030313236StW 24 W
DD14 TiQ210 - 300320 - 3803036
DD14 BorQ170 - 290290 - 3802730

Hot rolled steeld according DIN EN 10111

Our product portfolio includes hot rolled steel with the grades DD11, DD12, DD13 and DD14. These steels are also referred as soft steels and getting characterized by their excellent formability. They can be used for deep drawing and bending issueses. The mechanical properties of the individual soft steel grades are characterized by the yield point and tensile strength as well as the guaranteed minimum elongation. The properties of this steel make it ideal for the further processing of numerous end products such as stamped, pressed and drawn parts, tubes, car wheels, agricultural equipment and shelving systems.

Hot rolled steel can be supplied with two different surface qualities; the first one has a thin adhesive scale layer with different coloration. But it gets usually with the second surface quality supplied which is a descaled or pickled and oiled surface. In this case both sides receive a protective layer of oil that is chemically neutral, non-drying, and free of foreign bodies. The oil layer can be removed with alkaline solutions or other common solvents.

The surface finish shall be free of overlaps, blisters, shells, cracks and scratches that may affect the usability. Pores, slight scars, slight marks, slight scratches, discoloration and wrinkles from unwinding are permitted.

First details of the mechanical values from hot rolled steels can be found in the table above.

In addition, you can download the excerpt from our Quality Guides (QG) for the grades DD11, DD12, DD13 and DD14 via the link above.

We can supply the steel grades described as coil, slitted coils, sheets and cutted pieces.

The standard DIN EN 10111 is the new standard für the old DIN 1614-1 and DIN 1614-2 version.

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