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Hot rolled steels for quenching and tempering - non alloy steel

Hot rolled non alloy steels according DIN EN 10083-2

QualityMaterial-No.Yield point Re (MPa)

Tensile strength Rm (MPA)

Elongation A5 (in %) min.

˂ 8 mm
C221.1151 (1.0402)24043020
C351.1181 (1.0501)30055018
C401.1186 (1.0511)32058016
C451.1191 (1.0503)34062014
C501.1206 (1.0540)35565013
C551.1203 (1.0535)37068011
C601.1221 (1.0601)38071010

Hot rolled non alloy steels according DIN EN 10084

QualityMaterial-No.Brinell hardness (HBW) in soft-annealed (+A) conditionBrinell hardness (HBW) in normalized annealed (+N) condition
C10E1.1121max. 131min. 85max. 140
C15E1.1141max. 141min. 95max. 150
C16E1.1148max. 156min. 100max. 155

Hot rolled non alloy steels according DIN EN 10132-2

QualityMaterial-No.Yield point Re (MPa)

Tensile strength Rm (MPA)

Elongation A80 (in %)
Vickers hardness (HV)

Our product portfolio also includes hot-rolled quenched and tempered steel in accordance with DIN EN 10083-2. Underneath, the grades C22 to C60 are led.

Heat-treated steels are used for components that are subject to high loads. The combination of high strength and wear resistance combined with toughness makes this steel ideal for highly stressed applications. Chain straps, belt buckles, springs, steel caps for safety shoes, saw blades, knives and scissors are typical applications. Their special properties receive these steels by the remuneration. The temperature control during quenching is crucial for the properties of the component. The process must therefore be tailored to the respective intended use.


The first details of the mechanical values ​​can be found in the table above.

In addition, you can download the complete excerpt from our Quality Guide (QG) for the hot-rolled tempered steels via the link above.

We can supply the steel grades described as coil, slitted coils, sheets and cutted pieces.

The standard DIN EN 10083-2 replaces the following previous editions.

  • DIN EN 10083-1
  • DIN 17212
  • DIN 17200
  • DIN 1667
  • DIN 1665
  • DIN 1663
  • DIN 1662
  • DIN 1661


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