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Weatherproof structural steel

Quality Guide Download: Weatherproof structural steel

With this download you will find our ESB Quality Guide (data sheet) for weatherproof structural steel.

QualityTesting directionMateiral-No.Yield point ReL min. (MPa)

≤ 16 mm
Yield point ReL min. (MPa)

16 ≤ 40 mm
Tensile strength Rm (MPA)

≤ 3 mm
Tensile strength Rm (MPA)

3 ≤ 100 mm
Elongation A80 (in %) min.

2 ˂ 2,5 mm
Elongation A80 (in %) min.

2,5 ≤ 3 mm
Elongation A5 (in %) min.

3 ≤ 40 mm
Impact value Temp. °Cimpact value KV / J
S235J0WQ1.8958235225360 - 510360 - 510181924027
S235J2WQ1.8961235225360 - 510360 - 510181924-2027
S355J0WPQ1.8945355510 - 680470 - 630151620027
S355J2WPQ1.8946355510 - 680470 - 630151620-2027
S355J0WQ1.8959355345510 - 680470 - 630151620027
S355J2WQ1.8965355345510 - 680470 - 630151620-2027
S355K2WQ1.8967355345510 - 680470 - 630151620-2040

Weatherproof structural steel according DIN EN 10025-5

Our product portfolio includes, among other things, weatherproof structural steel according to DIN EN 10025-5. Below these, grades S235J0W to S355K2W are incorporated. Weatherproof structural steels are used to make welded, riveted or bolted structures in bridge, facade and vehicle construction. The specific rusting properties of weather-resistant steels generally make surface protection of the structures made from this steel superfluous. These good properties of the weather-resistant steels are not adversely affected by cold and hot deformation. After a strong cold deformation, the mechanical properties may be significantly changed. If this is the case, it can be either stress relieved or normalized. Normalization should also be performed after hot deformation outside the temperature range 750 – 1050 ° C or after overheating. Weatherproof structural steel is especially known under the SSAB product names COR-TEN® or CORTEN. There, this steel stands for high weather resistance and a long service life. With its anti-corrosive properties, CORTEN reduces the need for maintenance and corrosion protection, thereby significantly reducing maintenance costs throughout the product life cycle. In addition to reducing maintenance costs, lower anti-corrosion requirements mean lower consumption of paints and solvents, making CORTEN a highly environmentally friendly steel. Typical applications include building components, transmission towers, bridges, and among other things. The first details can be found in the table above. In addition, you can download the complete excerpt of our Quality Guide (QG) for weatherproof steels via the link above. We can supply the steel grades described as coil, slitted coils, sheets and cutted pieces.

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