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Ympress® Laser - Steel for laser cutting.

Quality Guide Download: Ympress® Laser Steel for laser cutting

With this download you will find our ESB Quality Guide (data sheet) for Ympress Laser Steel for laser cutting.

QualityStandardYield point Re min. (MPa)

≤ 16 mm
Yield point Re min. (MPa)

≤ 16 ≤ 250 mm
Tensile strength Rm (MPA)

≤ 3 mm
Elongation A80 (in %) min.

˂ 3 mm
Elongation A5 (in %) min.

˃ 3 mm
Impact value Temp. °CImpact value KV / JIMDS-No.Thickness range
Ympress Laser E250C+N (J2)
EN 10025-2240255370 - 4902324-20≥271,50-12,70
Ympress Laser E250C+N (J0)
EN 10025-2240255370 - 49023240≥2712,70-20,00
Ympress Laser E250C+N
EN 10025-2240255370 - 4902324+20≥27818803759/11,50-20,00
Ympress Laser S355MC EN 10149-2355355450 - 5502227-204034911112/51,50-20,00
Ympress Laser S420MCEN 10149-2420420500 - 6001822-2040819188358/11,50-20,00

YMPRESS Steel for laser cutting

The YMPRESS steel belongs to our product portfolio. These special steel grades are particularly suitable for laser cutting. These include the grades YMPRESS LASER E250C, YMPRESS LASER S355MC and YMPRESS LASER S420MC.


The YMPRESS S355MC and S420MC laser steel is a hot rolled, high strength and low alloy steel. It is optimized for efficient laser cutting and for best processing after laser cutting. YMPRESS LASER offers highest strength with exceptional formability and consistently high quality. It is the ideal choice for applications where low weight, highest strength and excellent formability are the top priority. These include components for car seats, truck and trailer parts, towing hooks, industrial silos and agricultural machinery.


YMPRESS LASER is characterized by exceptional flatness, minimal residual stresses and a high-quality surface. Constant product features guarantee fast and smooth automated processing. This increases productivity and minimizes rejects. Clean cut edges – even at high speeds – enable easy removal of the finished parts with little reworking requirement. YMPRESS LASER is also suitable for conventional cutting processes and can be easily welded and galvanized.


First details can be found in the table above.


In addition, you can download the complete excerpt from our Quality Guide (QG) with the mechanical and chemical values for the YMPRESS LASER E250C, S355MC and S420MC grades via the previous link.

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