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Cold rolled multiphase steel

Quality Guide Download: Cold rolled multiphase steel

With this download you will find our ESB Quality Guide (data sheet) for cold rolled multiphase steel .

QualityMaterial-No.Testing directionYield Point Rp0,2 (MPa)

BH2Tensile Strength Rm (MPA)Elongation A80 (in %)n-Value
HCT450X1.0937L260-34030min. 450270,16
HCT490X1.0995L290-38030min. 490240,15
HCT590X1.0996L330-43030min. 590200,14
HCT780X1.0943L440-55030min. 78014-
HCT980X1.0944L590-74030min. 98010-
HCT980XG1.0997L700-85030min. 9808-
QualityMaterial-No.Testing directionYield point Rp0,2 (MPa)

BH2Tensile strength Rm (MPA)Elongation A80 (in %)n-Value
HCT690T1.0947L400-52040min. 690230,19
HCT780T1.0948L450-57040min. 780210,16
HCT600C1.0953L350-50030min. 60016-
HCT780C1.0954L570-72030min. 78010-
HCT980C1.0955L780-95030min. 9806-
HCT1180G21.0969L900-115030min. 11804-

Cold rolled multiphase steel according DIN EN 10338

Furthermore, cold rolled multiphase steel belongs to our product portfolio. DP-, TRIP-, CP- and MP-steels are integrated in this area. In certain applications, these steels can reduce weight. The steel grades are sorted according to ascending tensile strength values.

DP steel “X”

The dual-phase steel has a structure of ferritic matrix with enclosed martensitic or bainitic phases. Forming gives the DP steel excellent strength. This property ensures not only a homogeneous forming and excellent thermoformability, but also significantly higher values at the prefabricated member than at the insert sheet. This is especially true for the yield point.

Trip steel “T”

TRIP steels, also known as RA steels (retained austenite), differentiate due to their microstructure by a very advantageous combination of strength and ductility of other steels. This steel is particularly suitable for the production of structural components. The structure consists of a ferritic matrix with insular hard bainite phases and retained austenite. The transformation of austenite into martensite during the deformation, TRIP effect or transformation Induced Plasticity, ensures a very high elasticity of the material. This TRIP effect results in an excellent balance of strength and ductility.

CP steel “C”

Complex-phase steel or complex-phase steel is abbreviated to CP and, like trip- and dual-phase steel, belongs to the group of AHSS steels (Advanced High Strength Steel). This contains martensite and/or bainite in a basic structure of ferrite and / or solidified ferrite. This microstructure favors high yield strength with relatively good elongation. Thus steel is particularly well suited for bending and edging.

Surface type

Surface A

Mistakes such as pores, small grooves, small warts, slight scratches and a slight discoloration that does not affect the ability to reshape and adhere to surface coatings are permitted.

Surface B

The better side must be free from defects so that the homogeneous appearance of a quality finish or an electrolytically applied coating is not impaired. The other side must at least meet the requirements of surface type A.

Surface finishes

The surface finish may be particularly smooth, matt or rough. If no details are given when ordering, the surface finish will be delivered in a matt finish. The four surface finishes listed correspond to the center roughness values in the following table and must be tested in accordance with EN 10049.

Surface finishcharacteristicAverage surface finish
(boundary value: 0,8mm)
Special flatbRa ≤ 0,4 µm
flatgRa ≤ 0,9 µm
Mattm0,60 µm ˂ Ra ≤ 1,9 µm
roughrRa ≤ 1,6 µm

First details can be found in the table above. In addition, you can download the complete excerpt from our Quality Guides (QG) for cold rolled multiphase steel via above mentioned link. We can supply the steel grades described as coil, slitted coils, sheets and cutted pieces.

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